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Cornell University

Cornell Drupal Camp

Running on Drupal! Brevard College Tesla Demo

1:15pm - 2:15pm
Session Track: 

Attendees will learn how to Work with 'cool points' to create a 'smart site'. These 'cool points' are the kinds of systems and sensors installed in buildings that are 'offered up' thru Web - Services and used to make your Drupal site 'smart'.Understand 'Energy' as it relates to Drupal:

  • *Plan for the points - How to discuss this stuff with your clients
  • *Meet with Architects and Engineers - to discuss specifying Drupal
  • *Actually program the 'cool points' into Drupal. 

This session is geared toward attendees with an interest in using Web Services, showing Energy Efficiency, advancing Renewable Energy, display of "real-time" BACnet points thru Drupal. Attendees will leave knowing how to work with the ‘Energy’ modules on Drupal, how to jump in and help, find resources, and understand a bit of what is BACnet and why we want to use it in Drupal.This sessions includes a Demonstration that will show:

  • *A BACnet Web Server and where to find the point.
  • *A Drupal Site and how to add the point.
  • *An example of one ‘high value' point displayed on the Drupal website