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Cornell University

Cornell Drupal Camp

Ted Bowman

Ted Bowman is a developer and trainer that has been involved in the Drupal project since 2009. Currently he works under Dries Buytaert, the project founder and lead, at Acquia’s Office of the CTO. Ted is working on Drupal 8 core UX and RESTful module improvements. He created a few popular contributed modules including EntityForm and Webform Conditionals. Ted resides in Ithaca, NY, one of the most beautiful towns in the US.


Drupal 8.2: New Features!

Drupal 8.2 will have many new exciting features. This is because of two major changes in Drupal's development process.

1. Drupal now allows new features to be added in minor releases such as 8.1, 8.2, 8.3, etc. We no longer have to wait years till Drupal 9 for new features!
2. Experimental Modules: Experimental modules allow core contributors to iterate quickly on functionality that may be supported in an upcoming minor release and receive feedback, without needing to conform to the rigorous requirements for production versions of Drupal core.

Drupal 8 Blocks: Getting better all the time!

In Drupal 7, for all but the most simple sites it seemed like no one used the core Block system. If you wanted to manage any kind of complicated layout you probably used Panels or the Context module.

Luckily for Drupal 8 the Block system has been vastly improved by a few key features:

Blocks are exportable
Blocks can be placed multiple times
Fieldable Blocks are in core
Blocks use Condition plugins
*** New features that have recently been added to Drupal 8.2 to makes blocks even better***