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Cornell University

Cornell Drupal Camp

Prerna Sampat

Prerna is the Communications & Website Manager for ILR Outreach and The Worker institute at Cornell. With her roots in movements for social and economic justice, Prerna has led digital marketing and shaped communications strategy at a number of organizations over the last decade. In past years, she has used a range of technical and strategic communications skills to integrate online mobilization tools Salsa and CiviCRM with Wordpress-based websites. These experiences have informed her latest efforts to integrate MailChimp into ILR’s Drupal-based website  in order to capture qualified leads, increase customer engagement and bolster enrollment. She lives in Brooklyn and spends much of her spare time watching cute baby animal videos.


Automating Marketing and Communications with MailChimp

Recent changes and additions to the MailChimp API and suite of Drupal MailChimp modules means that email marketing has never been easier, from personalized, engagement-based emails to drip marketing campaigns. The ILR web team has been working directly with the maintainers of the modules to better meet the needs of our Professional Programs stakeholders. New features includes support for multiple API keys (customers) per Drupal installation, as well as configuring MailChimp-based automation endpoints with your site's Drupal entities.