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Cornell University

Cornell Drupal Camp

Kirk Bater

Kirk Bater, as a Web Developer/Programmer, designs, creates, and maintains new and existing websites and applications at the Rochester Institute of Technology. 


Kirk's technology interest began when he built his first website in 1999 and started teaching himself to program in 2004.  After 4 years in the Marine Corps, Kirk came to RIT on the GI Bill and started working professionally as a Student Web Developer.  After learning he was about to have his first child, he left RIT for a full-time position at the University of Rochester, and later returned to RIT to both work and finish his degree.  Kirk has won four awards for RIT, including two Communicator Awards, a Davey Silver Award and a Silver W3 Award.


Outside of RIT, you can find him volunteering as a Firefighter/EMT, woodworking in his garage-shop, and training for triathlons.


Modular Theming: How we use Gulp, Sass, Bourbon and Javascript to create re-usable components in our themes.

We just upgraded our web infrastructure at RIT, and with that came new tools, specifically the ability to run Node.js on the server. With the newly available technology our team has developed a base theme using Gulp, Sass, Bourbon/Neat/Bitters, and smaller "modular" Javascript to pull from. In this talk I will introduce Bourbon/Neat/Bitters, take you through some of our old themes -- specifically how each developer had their own theme -- and walk through how we structure our new themes and what I feel the are the benefits to doing it this way.