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Cornell University

Cornell Drupal Camp

David Thompson

David Thompson began his commitment to interoperability and operational freedom for building owners nearly three decades ago. He was a founding member of the BACnet Interest Group - North America and helped facilitate its merger with the BACnet Manufacturers' Association to form BACnet International. In 2010 he founded The BACnet Group - Drupal as a non-profit Drupal Training Provider targeting BACnet-Drupal integrations. David is a Consultant for Function1, a software company specializing in enterprise technology. Founded in 2007, Function1 delivers its products, world-class services, customized solutions, and timely support across all sectors of industry.


Running on Drupal! Brevard College Tesla Demo

Attendees will learn how to Work with 'cool points' to create a 'smart site'. These 'cool points' are the kinds of systems and sensors installed in buildings that are 'offered up' thru Web - Services and used to make your Drupal site 'smart'.Understand 'Energy' as it relates to Drupal: