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Cornell University

Cornell Drupal Camp

Dan Rogers

Dan is a Senior Developer for idfive, an integrated marketing firm based in Baltimore, MD. When he's not geeking out about automated task runners, twig templating or JS MVC's, he's usually somewhere high in the Rockies skiing, rafting, mountaineering, or just having fun in the sunshine with a dog (and margarita) or two near his home just outside Jackson, WY.


Let's Make Calendars Great Again, Together

Nothing builds a sense of community faster than events. But traditionally, keeping a central events repository and calendar for a complex, multifaceted organization, and displaying that in multiple, targeted locations has been tricky. We couldn't find anything "out of the box" that gave us all we needed in a complex calendar, so we built our own. Enter UniCal, the decoupled free & open source events system.