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Cornell University

Cornell Drupal Camp


Provide Panels layout flexibility without IPE (D7)

Learn how to use Panelizer and custom content fields to provide layout options for content managers to choose from and configure right on the node-edit form.  We're offering layout flexibility, without unleashing the sea of content options and complex configurations of Panels IPE (In-Place Editor).  Also, we don't have nodes with overridden/custom Panelizer displays that can't easily be kept up to date with cod

Modular Theming: How we use Gulp, Sass, Bourbon and Javascript to create re-usable components in our themes.

We just upgraded our web infrastructure at RIT, and with that came new tools, specifically the ability to run Node.js on the server. With the newly available technology our team has developed a base theme using Gulp, Sass, Bourbon/Neat/Bitters, and smaller "modular" Javascript to pull from. In this talk I will introduce Bourbon/Neat/Bitters, take you through some of our old themes -- specifically how each developer had their own theme -- and walk through how we structure our new themes and what I feel the are the benefits to doing it this way.

Overview of a Drupal Commerce Store

Building a commerce store using the commerce module allows more advanced designers to have complete control over the theme, design, and modules you add to the commerce store. Minimizing the overload of Kickstart included modules. Learn how the store is set up and how the modules work together to control how products are displayed.

This presentation will cover: