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Cornell University

Cornell Drupal Camp

Project Management/Planning

Basic Drupal Site Planning

On Thursday October 6,  we will offer “Drupal Basics,” a half-day training by our keynote speaker 

Bringing Order to a Content Hoarder

When timid users step up to your site and are spooked by the ghosts of content past, or those who dare to enter become lost in a maze of composted navigation, a dusting just won’t fix the years/decades of content rot. You know you need to pull everything out to figure out what you have, what to keep, and what to toss—but that can be a daunting and overwhelming endeavor.

Intro to User Journey Maps for Building Better Websites

You’ve asked the right questions and maybe you have some personas. There’s a heap of feature requests from your client and a whole lot of content to organize into a sitemap (IA) document and wireframes. However, something’s not sitting right and you wonder how the site fits into the bigger customer journey with the client’s brand, business, and products.

Lean Requirements Without Skimping on the Meat

In today’s website feature debates, you and your team hash out priorities based on budgets, timelines, and what one of the clients mentioned in passing, ignoring the larger context of the design problem. We focus on the current list of edits—and rallying for the user is lost in the shuffle. In this session, you’ll be introduced to a framework for approaching your Drupal project’s situational analysis from many perspectives, to create success goals that resonate with everyone on your team—including your client’s wallet-bearers.Attendees should walk away with:

Order Out of Chaos: Planning and Executing An Institutional Drupal Migration

You've got an endless sprawl of websites representing every unit and program at your institution. Different CMS systems, different design standards, different clients. You've found a way to manage that chaos without losing your mind. But now there's a knock at your door telling you that you need to make significant changes to all of them.